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Take Charge At Work

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Do workdays feel longer lately?

Take a few minutes to complete the assessment. Based on your results and eligibility requirements*, the Take Charge at Work counseling program may be right for you.

It’s  normal to feel down sometimes. But if those feelings start to affect your life more often, you may need extra support

Take Charge at Work can help. Working with a coach over the phone, employees learn to manage symptoms of depression and stress in the workplace — so they can feel productive again. And it’s available at no additional cost to you as part of your Emotional Wellbeing Solutions program. Take the assessment today to access your risk for depression.**

State of TN is offering TCAW participants an incentive* of $150 to complete the TCAW Engagement Activity. Engagement Activity (session one) is defined by completion of the first coaching session. Incentives are tracked through Sharecare.

*The TCAW incentive is offered to eligible state and higher ed. active members enrolled in the health plan only.

Members can participate in Take Charge at Work as many times as needed, however, members are only eligible to earn the incentive once per plan year.

Find out if you have symptoms of depression

Click the button below to take the online assessment and determine if you are at risk for depression.

Would you like to speak to someone instead?

Call the number below to connect with one of our coaches.